Partnership for America’s Children Launches New Online Platform for Child Advocates Shares Best Practices, Campaign Strategies, and Resources

MAY 2, 2016 – The Partnership for America’s Children, a new network of state- and community-based, multi-issue,  independent, nonpartisan child advocacy organizations, has launched its new website at  The new platform and coinciding social media channels are designed to connect supporters and allies with information about the network and members’ policy campaigns and impact. The site also serves as a database and platform for members to share best practices and resources with each other, and provides potential partners and funders with the case for investing in child advocacy.

The Partnership’s members are 53 member organizations in 42 states that are leaders in their states and localities, providing evidence-based data and analysis, bringing together broad coalitions, and drawing on a multitude of skills and strategies to improve the policies and programs that affect children and their families. 

State and local child advocates have improved the lives of millions of children. Because of their work, millions of children are healthier because they are insured through state insurance programs, low-income families often get state earned income tax credits, in many states youth that turn 18 in foster care still have food, shelter, health care and access to education, and the number of children in Pre-k has grown steadily over the last decade.

The Partnership for America’s Children and its new platform fills a unique niche in the field of child advocacy. It connects, strengthens and inspires its members so that they can learn from and work with each other. Children need skilled professional advocates fighting for them. Partnership members build support for better policies for children and ensure that broader public decisions are made with the needs of kids in mind. State and local policymakers need what Partnership members offer: Access to nonpartisan data, analysis, and organized support for solutions that work for children’s unique developmental needs. Visit the new platform at

The Partnership for America’s Children is a network of state and local child advocacy organizations working to improve policies affecting children at the local, state, and national level. The Partnership strengthens members’ policy knowledge, advocacy skills, and organizational development by connecting them to peer expertise and national resources, and by facilitating collaborative efforts to improve the lives of all America's children.


Deborah Stein, Network Director
[email protected]