Calendar of Events

2017 Conferences and Meetings


  • September 7 at 2pm ET: Webinar on How to Frame Messages and Talk About Children in Immigrant Families
  • September 13: KIDS COUNT–Washington, DC (by invitation, for KIDS COUNT and Partnership members)
  • September 13-14: Senior Staff Retreat–Washington, DC (by invitation)
  • September  13-15: Executive Director Retreat– Washington, DC (by invitation)


  • October 4 at 2pm ET: Webinar on Data on Children in Immigrant Families–Where to Find and Access It


  • November 15-17: Center on Budget and Policy Priorities IMPACT Conference–Washington, DC (by invitation) 


  • State-Based Advocates for Early Learning Call/Alliance for Early Success sponsored - Monthly on first Mondays, 4:00PM ET (by invitation)
  • Children’s Leadership Council Meetings/Conference Calls on federal budget - Weekly on Tuesdays, 2:00PM ET (open to Partnership members)
  • Georgetown health advocates call - Monthly on third Tuesday, 1PM ET (by invitation)
  • KIDS COUNT Communications "Ask Me Anything"- Monthly on second Thursday, 2PM ET (open to all)
  • Find It, Fix It, Fund It National Roundtable meeting/call (lead poisoning campaign), monthly on first Wednesday, 1 pm ET. Contact [email protected] if interested in participating.

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